Every child is born loved by God and with a natural curiosity and desire to learn about the world.
Our job is to fan that flame!

Girl at school finger painting

A child’s early education lays the foundation for all future learning. At Sunbeam, motivated teachers, a focused curriculum, and carefully crafted learning environments are highly tuned to students and how they learn. Our teachers create an environment where children are challenged and engaged, working at the limit of their abilities. Seizing this early window in a child’s life when his growing brain is most conducive to learning is the single best opportunity to develop lifelong habits of mind.

Our program is an interactive experience involving teachers and students.  We start every day with prayer, then our teachers will begin to teach their students the fundamental skills for preschool learners.   Our children are learning about following classroom rules, treating each other with kindness, sharing, and developing their fine and gross motor skills.  By combining music, art, movement, science, and storytelling into every lesson, every day, we create a warm and engaging environment that sparks curiosity and discovery.