Unparalleled commitment to teaching giving and stewardship
to our students in concrete and tangible ways.



Embedded in our daily routine are teachable moments that the students participate in and grow with. These moments like learning about creation through recycling, get reinforced by the understanding of God’s love and our responsibility to the earth and one another. Our school strives to be conscientiously environmental, organic, and fair trade in every aspect. We support organizations like Equal Exchange.

Our students also participate in raising money and awareness for loving causes like UNICEF and Operation Christmas Child. These opportunities afford our teachers concrete examples of other cultures.

We encourage all our families to consider supporting a child through World Vision, Compassion International, or Holt International. Sponsoring a child supports an impoverished child with resources. Also, it give our families concrete opportunities to write and color for their new friend, as well as someone to specifically pray for everyday.

We also encourage our families to get involved in a local church. Jackson Church is a great church with lots of opportunities to connect and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ, but we understand that there are other wonderful communities of faith. We just want you to be connected for the well-being of your child and family.