Sunbeam Christian Preschool is the premier Christian Preschool in the heart of Jackson, NJ.  Drop in anytime between 9:00-1:00 for a tour or call us at (732) 833-8808 Ext: 2 for more details.

Sunbeam Christian Preschool is accepting applications for its preschool programs. Located in the center of Jackson, New Jersey, the school offers a unique combination of Creative and religious curriculums, uses progressive teaching methods and features a warm and engaging environment where children can learn and grow.

11-093At Sunbeam, we believe children learn best when surrounded by love and engaged in opportunities that allow them to imagine and question and express who they are and how they see their experience. We believe this combination of love and learning is cultivated by creative, talented and informed professionals.

A Sunbeam education is one that strives to love each child as God does, cherished, special, and unique, while engaging them in a creative learning experience, which creates a school environment where every child thrives.

We are a ministry of Jackson Church. We started this ministry to bring blessing and positive change in our community through our families in the name of Jesus Christ.