A child’s ability to thrive depends greatly on their social and emotional skills.

Montessori/Pre-School Class Listening to Teacher on Carpet

The social and emotional skills that children master at Sunbeam will ensure a foundational relationship with God and love for their family, friends, and neighbors.

Understanding and managing emotions, building empathy, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and communicating effectively are at the core of our social and emotional learning curriculum, as we focus on the core biblical character traits. We provide a safe learning environment by using proven methods and teaching strategies from A Beka Bible Curriculum and Creative Curriculum for Preschool to encourage students and to ensure that students feel safe and successful. We undergrid our daily activities with prayer and reinforce the lessons with biblical examples.

Using a combination of tools and techniques such as modeling, explicit instruction, role-playing, and storytelling, we foster social and emotional growth as well as character development.

Our goal is to instill in our students the abilities and skills that will allow them to know themselves and others, create lasting positive relationships with the people and environment around them, and engage in meaningful, deep interactions with the world.